Jon Byrne at Liverpool's Heebie Jeebies

Jon Byrne at Liverpool's Heebie Jeebies

Barrow singer-songwriter Jon Byrne made a return performance at Liverpool’s Heebie Jeebies after recovering from a bout of swine flu.

The musician was due to appear at the venue for the Mathew Street Festival but had to cancel due to him contracting the virus.

Whether he’s still suffering from symptoms of the disease or was distracted by the offer of alcohol – during the long wait between sound checking and performing – both assumptions could be argued for Byrne not quite living up to the promise of when I last caught him in the city at what is now the O2 Academy.

He certainly has talent, no question. ‘Scumbags’, ‘Cigarette Song’, ‘Cocaine’, taken from his debut album It’s Boring Being In Control, are brilliantly catchy.

His acoustic sound is backed by Ian Lewis’ keyboards, alongside original live performers Bobby Kewley on bass and Paul Tsanos on drums.

And the musical arrangement of ‘Impossible’ is considerably better live now than before, but the newer songs ‘They’re Watching You’, ‘Money is Better Than Love’, and ‘Ladies Man’ just washed over you without making any particular impact.

Byrne, however, did succeed in grabbing the attention of his audience towards the end of his set with ‘No Future Generation’ and his finale number ‘Don’t Let Life Get You Down’.

These songs still demonstrated his powerful vocal but for a majority of his appearance he simply looked bored of being on stage.

He next appears in London and Brighton, visit here for details