For the final day of the Sound City music festival The Zutons were headlining at St George’s Hall – closing what has been a memorable three days.

It’s been memorable in the sense of the lid being lifted on some of the north-west acts emerging from out the shadows.

Supporting The Zutons, Liverpool’s Sound of Guns certainly lived up to their billing of being “one of the loudest bands at Sound City”.

And sure enough they warmed up the gathered audience members – lucky enough to get a wristband or win a competition to be present at the chandelier-decked Concert Room – within the magnificent Grade-I listed building.

SofG performed their debut single ‘Architects’, prior to it being released on 8 June, and on this performance a few more downloads or purchases will have been secured.

With more ciders consumed, the crowd were treated to a return performance from a band now at an interesting time in their career. And The Zutons didn’t hang around either as they went straight through songs from their three albums.

‘Why Won’t You Give Me Your Love?’ from second release Tired of Hanging Around, ‘Zuton Fever’ and ‘Pressure Point’ from 2004’s Who Killed the Zutons? remain great as ever and really demonstrate what this band are all about, which – to coin their own saying – provide “blues grass rootsy stompy music”.

I’m a fan of The Zutons, however, ‘Bumbag’ from third album You Can Do Anything just didn’t provide the same punch as the earlier penned songs.

But as ‘Valerie’ kicks in, the mobile camera phones – the modern replacement to the cigarette lighter – shoot up in the air as audience members snap for “that moment” picture and it clearly indicated this second album track is still the popular Zutons one.

Dressed in a pink candy-striped playsuit, it’s also difficult not to keep your eyes off saxophonist Abi Harding – her dancing and jigging between her sax sounds makes you tap your foot, nod your head or even dance along to The Zutons sound.

Lead Zuton Dave McCabe still has a powerful vocal; yet he seemed to be going through the motions tonight. Perhaps his mind is on the next album…

But he was appreciative to “Kev [McManus] and Dave [Pichilingi]”, thanking them for “letting us play at Sound City”.

And hats off must go to the two men who, together with their team of people, had put together a successful festival for the second year running in Liverpool.

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