This autumn Liverpool’s Live Lounge welcomes the return of its first act nearly a year after his first appearance.

The evening of live music at Albert Dock’s Baby Blue venue has Adrian Edmondson and his new band The Bad Shepherds performing their mix of folk songs which are inspired by the comedian’s punk influences.

Explaining his musical taste, Edmondson said: “I loved the songs from 76-82. I was 19 in 1976 when punk arrived. Those songs were the soundtrack to my life as I went through Uni and started pretending to be a comedian. I loved the noise, the faces and the attitude.

“I also love folk music, I love the noise – “live” it’s the most exciting music to be in the same room with. It occurred to me that punk was the folk music of its day.”

Edmondson has put his many television roles, most memorably Vyvyan in The Young Ones and Eddie in Bottom, firmly to one side as he concentrates on performing with the band.

He’s got together with folk musicians Maartin Allcock and Troy Donockley for a UK tour which arrives to Liverpool on 28 October this year.

Edmondson, runner-up in this year’s series of ITV’s celebrity reality programme Hell’s Kitchen confesses to having a long love of music.

He added: “I loved making music and got my first guitar when I was 13, along the way I’ve picked up ten other guitars, a banjo, a ukulele, two trumpets, a banjolele, a mandolin, an autoharp, a charanga, two pianos, a tenor guitar, a triangle and even made myself some Coconuts – made strangely enough, from a coconut!”

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