Hannah Healy, who hopes to travel to Zambia, takes aim at a clay pigeon fund raising event at Raby House Farm in Willaston (picture taken by Don Moss)

Hannah Healy, who hopes to travel to Zambia, takes aim at a clay pigeon fund raising event at Raby House Farm in Willaston (picture taken by Don Moss)

A young Wirral woman is raising money by organising activity days to help support her visit to Zambia where she will assist local tribesmen in building affordable homes for their families.

Hannah Healy, from Prenton, together with a team of ten of her friends are raising funds through Habitat for Humanity Charitable Trust to travel to Zambia for two weeks at the end of July to help build a house for an African family.

In the last 18 months, the 29-year-old and her friends have organised fund raising events including bag packing at supermarkets, cake sales, raffles, sponsored walks and clay pigeon shooting.

She said they are £2,000 short of their target of £17,600 and each has to raise £1,600.

Hannah, who works as a programmes officer for the Regeneration Business Policy & Programmes department at Liverpool City Council, commented: “We have planned the trip to Zambia through the charity Habitat for Humanity to assist local tribesmen build affordable and decent homes for their families.”

She added: “Habitat for Humanity is supporting the building of homes in many countries, using local labour supported by groups willing to give up some time to assist in house building in a community setting.  The homes are constructed of brick walls and corrugated roof, with materials costing several hundred pounds.”

Hannah said she is prepared to live in the cramped conditions – a world apart from her own three bedroom semi-detached property in Wirral – whilst visiting and will be staying in a 500 sq ft empty cement property. She will also get in involved in all aspects of the community including visits to the local church.

Hannah is particularly looking forward to meeting the local children, who – she is told – play day and night and make homemade jump rope with corn husks, play jacks with rocks, and use the dirt to spell their name to visiting volunteers.

In the last organised event, she and her friends put their target practice skills to the test at a day’s clay pigeon shooting at Raby House Farm in Willaston.

“The event was split into two, with a morning session and an afternoon session and approximately 80 people in total attended,” she said.

Laughing when asked if there were any competitors amongst the group, Hannah explained: “There was no competition as such, but everybody was given a score card to identify if they had a hit or a miss.

“There were five stations in total and people were told to have five shots at three stations. I did a lot better than I thought I would put it that way!

“I sold a total of 36 tickets on the day, which amounted to £720.”

If enough funds are raised, Hannah will be travelling and staying in the village of Palabana, which is about 25 miles south east of Lusaka in Zambia, from 31 July this year.

Habitat for Humanity was founded by Millard Fuller, who died in February this year.

The above was given further publicity in Wirral Globe

To find out more about the charity and the work it does, please visit www.habitatforhumanity.co.uk