Neil Campbell performs live at Liverpool’s Albert Dock venue

Neil Campbell performs live at Liverpool’s Albert Dock venue

Liverpool guitarist Neil Campbell supported Dutch act Jan Akkerman Band at Sunday’s ‘Live Lounge’, held at Baby Blue in Albert Dock, and left with a stream of new admirers.

Campbell captivated the audience with his outstanding ability at playing the guitar.

The former University of Liverpool student and classically trained guitarist, who is now a professional musician, has a talent whereby it seems there are more than one guitar being played on stage at the same time. He was incredible.

Dressed in jeans and a red t-shirt, Campbell doesn’t strike you with any image or notable appearance – he’s lost within a crowd such is his anonymity – but when he starts playing his choice of musical instrument he transforms into this sound which reverberates around and spellbinds his audience.

When playing, he becomes almost absorbed by every sound he produces such is the concentration shown by his eyes being closed throughout each performance.

Quietly spoken, Campbell introduced each piece of music – all written by him – in between the changes and even managed to get in what he says “shameless self-publicising” when mentioning his albums.

Campbell played pieces of music from his last album Ghost Stories, which he released last year, and he has another two solo albums to his credit.

His second album, Assembly, was used for minimalist and systems music studies at Bard College in New York and he has also collaborated with Jon Anderson, member of progressive rock band Yes.

Campbell next plays at The Slaughterhouse in Fenwick Street within Liverpool city centre on 26 April during a new afternoon session launched by him.

Following this, he visits with his eight member band – Neil Campbell Collective – at Liverpool’s Static Gallery on 8 May, which will feature a visual performance alongside music written, composed and produced by him. Well worth the trip.

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