Former Inspiral Carpets member Clint Boon on the decks last night in Monochrome

Former Inspiral Carpets member Clint Boon on the decks last night in Monochrome

Fruitbag of The King Blues gets the girls

Fruitbag of The King Blues gets the girls

London punk act The King Blues headlined in Liverpool to officially open the doors to a new club located in the basement of the arts and music venue Monochrome in Sir Thomas Street, Liverpool city centre.

The King Blues mixed together ukuleles and acoustic guitars with the odd line of poetry, creating not exactly the normal tone found within punk music.

But then this band are not a conventional punk outfit. The set, consisting of tracks from both their debut albumUnder The Fog – and their recently released second album – Save The World. Get The Girl – brought together the sounds of ska, reggae and folk into a complete energised performance.

Particularly in the form of lead vocalist Jonny ‘Itch’ Fox. He produces somewhat angry lyrics to do with political and homeless issues and comes from the Mike Skinner sort of mould, but vocally has a bit more range than The Streets frontman.

His passion was shown in his delivery of ‘What if Punk Never Happened?’ – an almost ‘epitaph insight’ into his own thoughts and beliefs as well as an insight into how he became influenced by punk growing up near Clapham.

‘I Got Love’ had the large contingency of young female members in attendance singing along while title track ‘Save The World. Get The Girl’ was equally a crowd favourite.

Itch is joined by his mate Jamie Jazz on vocals and guitar, with the unusually named Fruitbag on vocals and guitar also. Jim Parmley played percussion and Al Gunby was on drums.

The King Blues next head to London, Leeds, Manchester and Camden – a band certainly stating they’re going places whether we like it or not.

Following the performance, Itch held a DJ set later in the evening after former Inspiral Carpets member Clint Boon held an upstairs set of late 80s Madchester sounds.  Favourites from The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, and Joy Division were all given a spin on the turntables, before Bella Besame entertained with a burlesque performance.

Monochrome, formerly the Sports Bar, is holding themed nights every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

It’s still in its infancy as a new venue for Liverpool but certainly worth a visit.

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*Photographs taken by Paul Tsanos