News this week of Amy Winehouse punching a festival goer made national headlines and became the latest incident involving the young singer.

But what a difference Winehouse’s victim – James Gostelow – makes. Sean Michaels reports in the Guardian, based on information given by the 25-year-old Londoner to BBC News, Gostelow will not be pursuing any further legal action. Phew! I hear the talented beehive one sigh.

We’ll discuss Miss Winehouse’s behaviour in a minute. However, I praise Gostelow for his stance, although I believe he is a victim as a result of somebody else’s behaviour it seems. Gostelow stated a hat was thrown from behind where he was standing and hit Winehouse on her famous hair do. Why do certain people pay to see musicians and throw objects in their direction? Too much alcohol might be one answer. But I recall attending a Kings of Leon gig in Cardiff and the beer was thrown at the main act. Why? I just don’t get it.

It’s great when an artist or musician – whatever they prefer to be called – is within touching distance, but if they are going to be hurt in the process of getting close to their supporters it is understandable others may choose to keep their distance. I condemn Winehouse’s reaction, but forgive her for attempting to make a connection with her fans. Luckily she hit the right one.

We live in a high security society now, but perhaps wouldn’t if there were more people like James Gostelow.