Forget Angelina Jolie. Forget fast car chases, explosives, CGI effects, and even the fact it has now made British actor James McAvoy an A-list star.

A lyric used by The Verve came to my mind when viewing the latest Hollywood blockbuster film Wanted.

You’re a slave to the money then you die’, written by Richard Ashcroft for his band’s hit song Bittersweet Symphony, can easily be applied to the underlining message being conveyed in Timur Bekmambetov’s action packed, roller-coaster of a testosterone, English-language film debut.

Based on a short comic book series, written by Mark Miller, Wanted has enough twists to keep the viewer gripped. Morgan Freeman, however, holds the answers – as leader of a secret society of assassins who murder those threatening a world of chaos known as The Fraternity.

He plays Sloan and persuades young accountant – Wesley Gibson (played by McAvoy) – to join the group. Here lies the comparison to The Verve lyric.

Wesley has no money, is slaving for a company he hates working for, and is aware his cheating girlfriend is straddling his so-called best friend at every opportunity.

On a visit to the pharmacy for his anti-anexiety tablets, he meets sexy assassin Fox (Jolie). And suddenly his life changes forever.

Wesley believes the grass is greener and pursues a path to becoming a member of The Fraternity, following in the footsteps of his father.

Wanted combines special effects found within the Wachowski’s The Matrix, with the thriller chases found in the Bourne trilogies, while the superhero status of Spider-Man is thrown in for good measure. Whether it has the potential to sell as many DVDs remains to be seen.

But themes of pursuing your goals, taking control of the pathway you lead in life, and standing your ground, runs riot in this film.